Why Kanye Was Blindsided By Kim & Ray J’s Second Tape

The Kardashians’ star Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray J is revealing her involvement in their sex tape. He is claiming that Kanye West had no idea.

Ray J is sharing information about the kardashians star Kim Kardashian’s alleged involvement in their infamous sex tape, and he’s saying that Kanye West had no idea that the reality star had a second tape. Ray J finally broke his silence and put Kim and Kris Jenner on blast, accusing them of orchestrating the deal for their 2007 sex tape. Despite Kim crying tears on the new Hulu show after Kanye presented her with the remaining footage that Ray J allegedly had, the singer claims it was all a lie. He says that Kim was always the one in possession of the tapes. Ray J also revealed how Kanye had no idea there were additional tapes that Kim was holding on to.


After watching Kim bring up the sex tape and seemingly accuse Ray J of harboring unreleased footage, the Love&Hip-Hop star spoke out and called Kim to roll. In a recent tell-all, Ray J revealed how the sex tape came to be and how Kim listed her mom to close the deal. Kim and Ray made millions from the tape, and while Kim went on to become a mega superstar, Ray’s celebrity status remained on the reality TV circuit. He accuses the family of portraying a false narrative where the kardashians‘Kim was the victim of a leaked sex tape. However, he says that Kim leaked the tape herself and had more unreleased footage in her possession.

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Kanye met up with Ray J last October at Los Angeles International Airport, to obtain what he believes was an unreleased sex tape that Ray’s manager Wack 100 bragged about seeing. The tape in question was included on the contract Kim and Ray signed off back in 2007, Daily Mail reports. Titled, ‘Tape: Santa Barbara sex,” Kanye actually had no idea that Kim already had the tape. All Ray gave Kanye was a laptop containing explicit photos and old text messages between him and Kim. The tape that Kim believed about on the show was already in her possession.

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Ray J also says he was never paid, despite Kanye’s claims on the show that he was being extorted. The singer claims Kim left Kanye in the dark about her involvement in the sex tape deal. “Kim didn’t tell him, “Look I put the tape out with Ray J, it was a business deal, we both ran it together,” Ray said noting that he and Kim”were business partners and we still are business partners.” He also listed her sisters, claiming Kim also kept them in the dark and “they don’t have a clue that this is a lie either“Ray went on to explain how Kanye had no idea that Kim actually secured the deal.”I was showing him these timelines and letting him know that everything that’s been said to him is not true,” Ray J after showing Kanye all of the private conversations he and Kim continued to have after the tape was released.

The new information reveals how conniving Kim possibly was in the situation. She has spent the last 15 years claiming the tape was leaked and she was a victim. However, the kardashians star was actually the one behind leaking her own sex tape. It was a ploy to get rich and famous and it worked. However, Ray J is putting it all out there and letting everyone know that Kim isn’t the innocent victim she’s portrayed herself as for nearly two decades. Ray J’s reveal of her comes a few weeks after Kim’s ex-husband Damon Thomas accused her of fabricating details about their relationship with her on her show. Kim and Kris have remained silent amid the latest shocking revelations about them.

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Source: Daily Mail

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