Trespassing is a real concern at former mental health center – Chicago Tribune

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It’s common knowledge that trespassing is occurring on the former Tinley Park Mental Health Center property. Hearing the news of dilapidated buildings in Chicago causing injury should be a warning to the state of Illinois and anyone else held responsible for that site. The liability alone should be reason enough to dismiss any ideas of the village acquiring that property, and should prompt the state to secure or demolish it.

Mary, Tinley Park

Moraine Valley Community College is having this years graduation ceremonies at 11 am and 3 pm on Friday May 20. How inconvenient! Both my husband and I have to take off work to attend my son’s graduation. This must be the most convenient times for the administrators, certainly not the students.

Beth, Palos Hills

Tinley Park has approved a marijuana store in the former Bandana’s Archie’s Applebees building on Harlem Avenue, located close to the future Pete’s Fresh Market grocery store. So the village’s slogan, Shop Tinley, now includes groceries and weed/pot. Shame on the Village Board for a terrible decision!

Russell, Tinley Park

Major Lightfoot uses $12.5 million of taxpayer money to respond to Willie Wilson spending $1 million of his own money to give some citizens free prepaid gas cards. This transparently obvious political move is being paid for by Chicago citizens. In other words, they are funding their own freebies. And, the feckless City Council goes along. What a great place to live!

Jack, Oak Forest

willie wilson who gave away gas is now running officially for mayor of Chicago. Wilson stated he will put $5 million of his own money into the campaign, and said if he becomes greater than his salary he will be donated to churches. Wilson is living the American Dream. However, I have n’t heard any of his policies from him. How he is going to stop crime along with car jackings which are out of control? All I hear from Wilson is how bad Mayor Lori Lightfoot is doing. He needs to tell people his plans about him.

BJ, Hazel Crest

The court appointed public defender for New York subway shooter Frank James once again provided proof you don’t have to be very smart to get a law degree. She stated that James should be credited for contacting Crime Stoppers and letting them know his whereabouts. Just like lawyer and convicted Chicago Ald. Patrick Daley Thompson, whose statement was he was so busy that he forgot to pay his bank loans for seven-plus years. Stupidity is running rampant and the legal profession is no exception.

YCM, Orland Park

so here we have a state employee driving with a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit and decapitates another woman on Chicago’s South Side. Bail was set for Adriana Roman, Hispanic, at $80,000 by Judge Susana Ortiz, also Hispanic. By posting $8,000, Roman gets to walk the streets while the victim gets her very own funeral for her. What if Roman had used a gun and shot the victim? Would the judge have set bail at $81,000?

Tiny, Tinley Park

According to the Southtown’s Democratic Nostradamus, Ted Slowik thinks neither Republican candidate, Bailey or Irvin, have a chance of beating Democrat Pritzker because he insinuates that Republican voters, for some crazy reason, think liberal Democratic leadership leads to the downfall and ruination of any state or country. Pritzker and Biden are great examples of liberal Democratic leadership.

RHS, Oak Forest

Please stop giving so much opinion space to the notorious left-wing spin doctor of the New York Times, Paul Krugman. He is one of the best examples of yellow journalism ever. For example, his recent column headline reads Republicans say, Let them eat hate, referring to the campaign of JD Vance. Vance never said that, nor did any Republican. That is just his interpretation of what they said. He takes a quote and twists it saying this is what they implied. Another New York Times winner.

Tom, New Lenox

To Denny in Orland Park: I’m not a member of the Christian Right, but I can reassure you that Christians do know about separation of church and state, freedom of religion and that democracy is pluralistic with many cultures in the population. Also, much civil law is based on the Ten Commandments that provide us the best way to live in our communities.

JI, Oak Lawn

It’s wrong to call Joe Biden incompetent. He has accomplished what his far-left handlers have been working toward for many years. Just look at what has happened to our energy independence, our borders and freedom of speech. In spite of the example of courage set by the citizens of Ukraine, they continue to question the wisdom of our founders who installed the freedom to bear arms into our Constitution.

Daily Southtown

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Bill, Plainfield

Mike from Tinley Park says we shouldn’t blame Biden for inflation. Possibly because who knows what he is responsible for. However, if not him, his advisers of him, who think canceling energy independence, and printing and giving away trillions of dollars have no effect on inflation, should be blamed. Also, look up the conditions that lead to recession. The Democrats next gift to Americans.

David, Tinley Park

what happened to all the Democrats that have been bashing Trump for building a wall to control the immigrants coming across our wide-open border. Not one word in Speak Out about the thousands of people crossing our border. Not one Democrat has said Biden, stop it. The news media has shut down on the real happening at the border. Will one Democrat stand up and say the president doesn’t care? That wall sure looks good right now.

Don, Chicago Heights

Regarding the article about increased scams, it is understandable since common sense and lack of intelligence dominate a large portion of the population. Trump and Republican party scam people every day to get money for a presidential run that won’t happen. Republicans did very little in four years except for tax relief for the wealthy and criticize all that Dems have accomplished and instead run on what they will do to prevent voting. People would rather believe lies than acknowledge truths.

Shargo, Mokena

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