The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Friday, May 6, 2022

This day could prove to be a wild romp through the Ego Fields, as we seem to offend everyone we come into contact with. Because we have the Sun sextile Moon, we’re BIG, bold, and aggressive today — our aim is true and we WANT to do good things for both ourselves and those around us, and yet, it doesn’t get to go down quite that way.

And that would be due to the cosmic ‘coincidence’ of having Moon trine Mars and Mon trine Neptune balancing the goodness of that Sun sextile Moon transit out. In other words, no good deed goes unpunished on this day.

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This also means that if you are a good deed doer, you’ll be slapped down hard and put into your place.

And, while that won’t make sense to you, as you’re only trying to be a nice person, you’ll end up feeling duped for your efforts and angered by the way nothing is going as planned. Argh!

So today is dominated by hostile forces that are hellbent on making those who try to be positive, feel ineffective and useless.

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