Student survey COVID-19 mental health issues, drug use drops

The nation is experiencing a mental health crisis, health experts say.

Kids in southwest Ohio are struggling with their mental health, and area experts say the novel coronavirus pandemic spurred the problem.

Prevention First’s Student Survey of 26,260 seventh- through 12th-grade students in Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont counties shows that more than half of them (53.3%) report having high levels of stress. One in 10 said they have suicidal ideation. And 60% struggle to pull themselves out of a bad mood.

In addition: 38.8% responded that they felt nervous or anxious all or most of the time. Just over 24% responded feeling depressed, sad or hopeless most of the time and 29.2% said they desired to be alone all the time. There’s also an indication that children surveyed need more adults they trust, outside of their parents, to help them with their moods.

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