Soon, Shiba Inu Millionaires Might Replace the Top 10 Wealthiest People

Shiba Inu

After much speculation on Robinhood listing, Shiba Inu is finally available on the platform

Despite facing heavy criticism from cryptocurrencies experts, Shiba Inu you have managed to sustain many blows since its inception. Even when people were seriously discussing the end of the crypto reign and severe restrictions ahead, SHIB held on to its place. After much speculation on Robinhood listing, Shiba Inu is finally available on the platform for trading. As investors expected, SHIB is yet again on its way to the moon.

Along with the Dogecoin killer- Shiba Inu, Robinhood included four other cryptocurrencies such as Solana, Polygon, and Compound on its platform. However, the biggest share of growth was recorded from SHIB’s side. Just 24-hours after Robinhood’s listing, Shiba Inu’s price went up by 35%. Last year, a petition on requesting Robinhood to include SHIB on its platform gained over 550,000 signatures. Although the trading and investing app didn’t budge to the demands of cryptocurrencies investors, the speculation alone was more than enough to send the Dogecoin competitor’s price up the hill. The company took a long-time to carefully consider the demand under on-chain analytics, tech, and security factors. When it finally happened after continuous buzz, cryptocurrency investors seem to be very happy about the move. On the sidelines, some are discussing whether Shiba Inu millionaires can eventually enter the top wealthiest people list this year if the rally continues.

The Instant Reaction after Robinhood Listing

Within two hours of the announcement, Shiba Inu’s price went up by 36.88%, only to fall back and register an overall 15.8% growth. However, other cryptocurrencies that got listed in Robinhood also didn’t make big efforts to rally after the initiative was brought to light.

According to experts, the listing and the huge surprise rally are expected to drive SHIB’s price further in the coming days. However, we should still keep in mind the fact that the Dogecoin killer’s price rally could be a brief move because the cryptocurrency market is still exhibiting a bearish trend.

2021 was a Big Year! Can we Expect the Same in 2022?

Generally, in a typical year, a 2,000% growth in stocks was seen as a massive thing. However, what Shiba Inu has recorded was a historic happening. In 2021 alone, SHIB showcased a 121,000,000% growth. The cryptocurrency began the year at US$0.000000000073 and reached an all-time high of US$0.00008841 in October.

Many factors contributed to the growth of Shiba Inu last year. For example, SHIB was listed in numerous exchanges in 2021, instigating FOMO among people. On the other hand, its launch of ShibSwap, a decentralized exchange, has improved liquidity and introduced staking. The Dogecoin competitor’s price went berserk when it was added to Coinbase Global.

Shiba Inu Millionaires in Top Wealthiest People List

According to a report, a crypto investor bought almost 200 billion Shiba tokens in October 2020 for just US$17, and now its value is millions of dollars. Similarly, many SHIB early investors have also benefited from its price rally. Those who scored big time are often labeled as Shiba Inu millionaires. However, there are speculations on whether these lucky profiters can actually make it to the top wealthiest people list.

But it is purely evident that many cryptocurrency investors are making their move and entering the elite community. In the Forbes 2021 list of richest Americans, seven crypto entrepreneurs and billionaires were added. This move proves the dominance of the decentralized ecosystem and the impact that cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu have on people.

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