Released WWE personnel declined to be Omos’ manager before MVP

Malcolm Bivens recently departed WWE alongside 10 NXT stars, who were released from the company. Prior to his departure from him, the former on-screen manager reportedly declined the offer to become Omos’ manager.

According to a report from fightful, Bivens apparently didn’t want to sign a new deal with WWE. However, he ended up being convinced to stay as The Diamond Mine idea was pitched.

Reports have also suggested that former NXT star L.A. Knight was also considered to portray the role of Omos’ manager. Eventually, the role was accepted by MVPwho betrayed Bobby Lashley to align himself with the former RAW Tag Team Champion.

MVP recently spoke about his experience of working alongside Omos in WWE

After WrestleMania 38, MVP associated himself with Omos, as he betrayed Bobby Lashley. At the Show of Shows, the Nigerian-American star was unable to beat the former WWE Champion in a huge singles showdown.

During an interview on WWE’s The Bump, MVP spoke about how he wanted Omos to be a part of the Hurt Business. I have mentioned that both of them used to appreciate one another. The former United States Champion said:

“Well, sometime ago, when I saw him with that clown, AJ Styles, I always wondered myself, ‘why someone like that pal around with AJ?’ We passed each other in the hallway a few times and gave each other the head nod of acknowledgment. I thought sometime ago with the Hurt Business, ‘Wow, he would fit very nicely.’ But we had other plans at that time,” said MVP. (25:50-26:15)

Additionally, MVP revealed the reason behind him joining forces with AJ Styles’ former tag team partner. He mentioned that it was a business decision, as he wanted someone to use his services to reach heights in the industry, the same way Lashley did. I have added:

“I realized it would be very wise business decision for me to change alignments and go with somebody who could use my services and rise to that next level. Much like the so-called All Mighty did,” said MVP. (26:17-26:44)

Check out The Bump video below:


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