QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak) Offers Regenerative Medicine in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, TX – (NewMediaWire) – April 15, 2022 – via QC Kinetix — Regenerative medicine is becoming more and more popular as people have become aware of the effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and seek to reduce reliance on medications. These advanced treatments have revolutionized the medical field by giving doctors the ability to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal damaged tissue. The treatments can treat sports injuries and chronic conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system without the need for invasive surgery or long-term use of medications. This treatment also has minimal downtime, making it a perfect treatment option for people from all walks of life, be it soccer moms, retired citizens, or even active athletes.

QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak) is a leading provider of regenerative medicine in San Antonio, TX. This unique clinic offers advanced medical technology and orthopedic-focused biological therapies that can help decrease inflammation, improve pain, and repair injured or degenerated tissues. Their procedures not only address the painful symptoms but also deal directly with the root cause of the pain. Patients will not need to undergo an extended recovery period after the procedure, and there is no risk of adverse side effects.

To ensure the best application of their protocol, the medical providers at QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak) perform thorough evaluations and provide each patient with a personalized treatment plan that suits their unique conditions. They utilize the latest technologies and advanced diagnostic equipment such as lasers and ultrasound to provide patients with the highest-quality care possible. These professionals treat patients with respect and make them feel comfortable, educating them on regenerative medicine and providing information about the costs of the treatments.

Patients suffering from pain caused by knee instability, knee arthritis, bone on bone osteoarthritis, decreased range of motion, cracking/popping/snapping, etc., can find relief at QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak). Their knee treatment option is a better alternative to the most common knee treatment procedures such as steroids, physical therapy, and arthroscopic surgery. While knee replacement surgery can be effective, it has long-term effects and can put patients out of work, exercise, study, and other daily activities. These disadvantages are precisely what the knee treatment alternative at this clinic counters.

Hundreds of patients are getting chronic pain relief from the regenerative medicine treatments offered at QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak). Describing his experience of him, one satisfied patient said: About two years ago, I came in with a bad knee. Ive had five surgeries on that knee doctors wanted to do a sixth, so I figured I would try this out. Its been around two years with my knee after the treatment, and it has really been a life-changer for me. Ive been able to do a lot of stuff that I couldnt do in the past, and I had such great results with my knee. I also tore some stuff at my right shoulder working out, decided to give it a try, and again it’s been life-changing.

High-performance athletes need to be able to trust their bodies to do what they need them to do. That’s why QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak) is the perfect partner for athletes looking for an edge. The clinic has been helpful for patients with tennis elbow, partial rotator cuff tears, torn Achilles, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, posterior cruciate ligament injuries, torn meniscus, as well as other related conditions. The sports medicine doctors at the clinic combine the latest in regenerative medicine with proven techniques to help patients get back to their peak performance. Whether they are professional athletes or weekend warriors, they can help them get the most out of their bodies.

Those suffering from shoulder pain due to torn rotator cuffs, arthritis pain, torn cartilages, dislocation, broken bone or arm, and other related causes can find long-term relief from the treatments offered at QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak). Their procedures stimulate the process of tissue regeneration, reduce pain, and strengthen the damaged tissues providing long-term relief.

Chronic pain can be frustrating for those who suffer from it. It is important to have accurate information on chronic pain so that patients can understand their symptoms and when to seek treatment. Those who are experiencing weakness in the joints, cramping, discomfort, limited joint mobility, noisy joints, swelling, and stiffness can take advantage of the free no-obligation consultation offered at the clinic to discuss their options.

The clinics medical providers are committed to improving the lives of those suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain in San Jose and surrounding areas. They are proud to partner with the former NFL running back Emmitt Smith, an advocate of QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak) who understands the pain and the benefits of QC treatments.

QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak) is located at 18707 Hardy Oak Blvd Suite 445, San Antonio, TX, 78258. Interested persons can contact their team at (210) 571-0318 or learn more about their San Antonio office.

Source: GetFeatured

Company Name: QC Kinetix (Hardy Oak)

Contact Person: Casey Sietsema

Phone: (210) 571-0318

Address: 18707 Hardy Oak Blvd Suite 445

City: San Antonio

State: Texas

ZIP Code: 78258

Country: US


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