Our Massive 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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She’s here—our massive Mother’s Day gift guide. From essentials for a new mom to hot-ass items for the mom ready for a GNO and musts for the one who loves to plan activities (and everything in between), we’re sharing our top picks to gift (or receive) this holiday .

Here’s to celebrating the person who made you who you are today! Shop our massive Mother’s Day gift guide below.


cool gift ideas for mom

Balenciaga Stretch Oval Sunglasses ($450)
Sporty and sleek.

Bottega Veneta minijodie ($2,100)
Bottega’s signature mini in an electric new shade.

illustrauns Rose Quartz Skull Joint Holder ($56)
One-of-a-kind handmade joint holder with crystal stone … say no more.

Drew Martin The Collection ($40)
For said joint holder.

Bailey Meadow Crossover Charm Top ($135)
GNO, the hot mom edition.

emi jay Custom Paddle Brush ($134)
To update her bathroom aesthetic.

jiu jie Light Hearted Body Pillow ($120)
A knotted body pillow that’s 100% handmade in NYC and comes in several other pattern options. Bonus points for the moms who figure out how to use it in the bedroom.


gift ideas for moms who love activities

sculpted Pottery Starter Bundles ($73)
DIY pottery class at home with the family (and friends!).

Ita Leisure Chair ($281)
Portable and easy to store … because when the full circle gets together, you can never have too much sitting space.

Pixxie Pocket Portable Mini Cinema Projector ($699)
This mini projector makes movie night that much cooler. Plus, you can use it indoors or outside.

Lele Sadoughie Crochet Daisy Bucket Hat ($125)
A little stylish sun protection for when mom is by the pool or gardening.

recess Pickleball Eight Paddle Set ($624)
game night!

Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse Matte Black ($239)
To grow herbs right on her kitchen counter.


gift ideas for new mom

Artipoppe Baby Wrap Camel in Recycled Cashmere ($470)
To keep mama’s bundle of joy all bundled up.

Bearaby Cotton Napper ($199)
A weighted blanket to calm mom and baby while lounging on the couch.

whyn Acupressure Mat Set ($78)
This at-home acupressure mat will help her lower stress, gain more energy and sleep better.

Jenny Patinkin Cryo Glow Globes ($70)
Tired, puffy eyes? Mom can put these globes in the freezer for a little face massage.

Gone Bananas Bread Co. OG Chocolate Chip Banana Bread ($40)
Made with love and hits the sweet spot.

Home Soho Cranley Marble Butter Dish ($55)
She can serve the banana bread with warm butter in this pretty dish.

kulala Baby Sleep Lamp ($249)
The dim light can help promote baby’s sleep and doubles as a nice piece of decor for a nursery room.


gift ideas for working mom

Chic Geeks Faux Crocodile MacBook Case ($95)
Pop of pink to brighten her 9-5 work day.

The Nutr Machine ($189)
Mom’s morning routine just got more eco-friendly with this at-home device that makes nut milk in minutes.

Skims Silk Sleep Robe ($258)
For the amazing days when zero Zoom calls are scheduled and she can work in comfort.

Mindful & Modern Luxe Velvet Meditation Cushion Set ($150)
Meditation mommy time first thing in the morning.

Your Izzy Zero Waste Mascara ($39) *sponsored
A sustainable no-makeup makeup look for a busy mom using only three products.

Your Izzy Zero Waste Brow Gel ($36) *sponsored
Mascara on, brows in place…

Your Izzy Zero Waste Glossy Lip Butter ($36) *sponsored
Now just add a swipe of gloss and on to emails.

Urban Sophistication The Puffer Case ($65)
In matcha green, of course!

DMH Aesthetics Anti-Aging LED Light Shield Mask ($190)
You know what we’re going to say … multimask. She can answer emails and take calls while wearing the anti-aging LED mask.

Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal ($29)
Pen to paper for a moment (or five) of gratitude.


skincare products mother’s day gift guide

Jenny Patinkin Transforming Petite Gua Sha Butterfly ($30)
use our step-by-step guide here to teach your mom how to gua sha.

Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device ($339)
A skincare investment that’s well worth the money.

overt the Refreshing Duo ($69)
She can plump, rebuild, and hydrate with this serum duo.

Vanity Planet Senia Facial Steamer ($85)
Moms with youthful and glowing skin use this trick.

Mary Louise Cosmetics MLC 1-2-3 ($80)
At-home facial night all in one bundle—cleanser, mud mask, and dark-spot healing serum.

Surya Skincare Discovery Set ($140)
For moms living an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

C & The Moon Malibu Made Glow Oil ($93)
Smells so good, she’ll want to lick it (and she can, because it’s made with all organic ingredients). She can use it in her hair too!

Gilded Body Marble Body Brush ($88)
share all the benefits of dry brushing with your mom as you gift her this beautiful tool.

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