NBA playoffs – Experts’ picks for every first-round series

What lies ahead in the NBA postseason?

The Brooklyn Nets and Minnesota Timberwolves are advancing as seven seeds, while the Atlanta Hawks and New Orleans Pelicans captured eight seeds on the final night of the NBA play-in tournament.

Every first round series is set: Miami Heat vs. Hawks, Boston Celtics vs. Nets, Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers vs. Toronto Raptors, Phoenix Suns vs. Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies vs. Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors vs. Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz.

Can Boston slow down Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving? How will Joel Embid and james harden fare in the duo’s first playoff series together? What impact will Luka Doncić‘s calf strain have on the Mavericks’ chances? Our panel of NBA experts is picking each first-round series.

Note: Predictions for Heat-Hawks and Suns-Pelicans will be unveiled Sunday.

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Kendra Andrews: Celtics in 7

Jerry Bembry: Nets in 6

Jamal Collier: Celtics in 7

Nick DePaula: Nets in 6

Nick Friedell: Nets in 7

Kirk Goldsberry: Celtics in 7

Israel Gutierrez: Celtics in 7

Richard Jefferson: Nets in 7

Tim Legler: Celtics in 7

Andrew Lopez: Nets in 7

Zach Lowe: Celtics in 6

Tim MacMahon: Celtics in 7

Bobby Marks: Celtics in 7

Dave McMenamin: Nets in 7

Kevin Pelton: Celtics in 7

Omar Rajas: Nets in 7

George Sedan: Nets in 7

Ramona Shelburne: Celtics in 7

Andre Snellings: Celtics in 7

Marc J Spears: Nets in 7

OhmYoungmisuk: Nets in 6

End tally: Celtics 11, Nets 10.

Kendra Andrews: Bucks in 5

Jamal Collier: bucks in 4

Nick DePaula: Bucks in 5

Nick Friedell: bucks in 4

Kirk Goldsberry: Bucks in 5

Israel Gutierrez: bucks in 4

Richard Jefferson: Bucks in 5

Tim Legler: Bucks in 5

Andrew Lopez: bucks in 6

Zach Lowe: bucks in 4

Tim MacMahon: Bucks in 5

Bobby Marks: bucks in 6

Dave McMenamin: bucks in 4

Kevin Pelton: bucks in 4

Kendrick Perkins: bucks in 6

Omar Rajas: Bucks in 5

George Sedan: bucks in 4

Ramona Shelburne: Bucks in 5

Andre Snellings: bucks in 4

Marc J Spears: bucks in 6

OhmYoungmisuk: Bucks in 5

End tally: Bucks 21, Bulls 0.

Kendra Andrews: 76ers in 6

Jamal Collier: 76ers in 7

Nick DePaula: 76ers in 6

Nick Friedell: 76ers in 7

Kirk Goldsberry: Raptors in 7

Israel Gutierrez: 76ers in 7

Richard Jefferson: 76ers in 6

Tim Legler: 76ers in 7

Andrew Lopez: Raptors in 6

Zach Lowe: 76ers in 7

Tim MacMahon: 76ers in 6

Bobby Marks: Raptors in 6

Dave McMenamin: 76ers in 7

Kevin Pelton: Raptors in 6

Kendrick Perkins: 76ers in 6

Omar Rajas: 76ers in 7

George Sedan: Raptors in 7

Ramona Shelburne: 76ers in 7

Andre Snellings: Raptors in 7

Marc J Spears: 76ers in 7

OhmYoungmisuk: 76ers in 7

End tally: 76ers 15, Raptors 6.


Kendra Andrews: Grizzlies in 5

Jerry Bembry: Grizzlies in 6

Jamal Collier: Grizzlies in 6

Nick DePaula: Grizzlies in 6

Nick Friedell: Grizzlies in 5

Kirk Goldsberry: Grizzlies in 6

Israel Gutierrez: Grizzlies in 7

Richard Jefferson: Grizzlies in 5

Tim Legler: Grizzlies in 5

Andrew Lopez: Grizzlies in 5

Zach Lowe: Grizzlies in 6

Tim MacMahon: Grizzlies in 6

Bobby Marks: Grizzlies in 5

Dave McMenamin: Grizzlies in 6

Kevin Pelton: Grizzlies in 6

Kendrick Perkins: Grizzlies in 5

George Sedan: Grizzlies in 6

Ramona Shelburne: Grizzlies in 6

Andre Snellings: Grizzlies in 6

Marc J Spears: Grizzlies in 7

OhmYoungmisuk: Grizzlies in 6

End tally: Grizzlies 21, Timberwolves 0.

Kendra Andrews: Warriors in 5

Jamal Collier: Warriors in 6

Nick DePaula: Warriors in 6

Nick Friedell: Warriors in 7

Kirk Goldsberry: Warriors in 6

Israel Gutierrez: Warriors in 7

Richard Jefferson: Warriors in 6

Tim Legler: Warriors in 6

Andrew Lopez: Warriors in 7

Zach Lowe: Warriors in 6

Tim MacMahon: Warriors in 6

Bobby Marks: Warriors in 7

Dave McMenamin: Nuggets in 7

Kevin Pelton: Warriors in 7

Kendrick Perkins: Warriors in 6

Omar Rajas: Warriors in 7

George Sedan: Warriors in 7

Ramona Shelburne: Warriors in 5

Andre Snellings: Warriors in 7

Marc J Spears: Warriors in 6

OhmYoungmisuk: Warriors in 7

End tally: Warriors 20, Nuggets 1.

Kendra Andrews: Mavericks in 6

Jamal Collier: Mavericks in 6

Nick DePaula: Mavericks in 6

Nick Friedell: Mavericks in 7

Kirk Goldsberry: Jazz in 7

Israel Gutierrez: Mavericks in 6

Richard Jefferson: Jazz in 7

Tim Legler: Mavericks in 7

Andrew Lopez: Mavericks in 6

Zach Lowe: Jazz in 6

Tim MacMahon: Jazz in 6

Bobby Marks: Jazz in 6

Dave McMenamin: Mavericks in 6

Kevin Pelton: Jazz in 6

Kendrick Perkins: Jazz in 7

Omar Rajas: Jazz in 6

George Sedan: Mavericks in 7

Ramona Shelburne: Mavericks in 7

Andre Snellings: Jazz in 6

Marc J Spears: Jazz in 6

OhmYoungmisuk: Mavericks in 5

End tally: Mavericks 11, Jazz 10.


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