Moon Knight Just Killed a Major Hero In Heartbreaking Fashion

The following contains spoilers for Moon KnightSeason 1, Episode 5, “Asylum,” now available on Disney+.

It’s safe to say Marc Spector’s (Oscar Isaac) journey in Moon Knight hasn’t just been harmful to others, but himself. He’s kept so many secrets over his past from him as a mercenary, which he has now been linked to the death of Layla’s dad. And it appears that, over the years, all these lies helped fracture his mind. So much so, Steven (his other personality) is discovering that even he might not be as real as he once thought.

It all came to a head in the penultimate episode after Marc/Steven reached the afterlife in the wake of Arthur Harrow’s gunshots. However, while there was a chance for them to find a way back to the land of the living, one alter died in the most heartbreaking fashion.

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The drama unfolded in the Duat, the Egyptian afterlife, where the Egyptian goddess, Taweret, required their hearts to be judged on mystical scales in order to be admitted entry into the Field of Reeds (aka Heaven). If the scales remained unbalanced, the souls that were frozen in the sands as their boat plowed through would then grab them and drag them into the dunes to be stuck in proverbial Hell themselves. This led to the duo parsing through Marc’s memories of him, with Steven realizing he was just a by-product of grief and abuse at the hands of their mom, Wendy.

Unfortunately, this acceptance didn’t balance the scales, resulting in zombie-like figures rising up and attacking the boat. The raid was meant to drag Marc into the sands for eternity, but Steven wasn’t having any of it. He sympathized with Marc’s tragic past of him, summoned the hero within and began swatting the beings away with a bat.

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After trying to turn the ship around, though, Steven fell overboard while saving Marc. It left the merc in agony because he understood how valuable Steven was at last. Sadly, Steven solidified in the blink of an eye, staying in the realm of the dead. With Steven “gone,” Marc was transported to the Field of Reeds, bathed in sunlight. However, he was visibly upset, thinking he was undeserving of this fate and that Steven shouldn’t have unfairly paid for his sins and old trauma from him.

As for if Steven’s really dead, well, this end suggests that they are two different souls. However, Steven is still a part of Marc. They may be separated for now, but there’s a strong chance the two are so intrinsically intertwined, Marc might be able to undo Steven’s fate and bring his “stress ball” back should he escape the afterlife and head back on the boat. It may involve Marc working with the hippo-goddess againpresenting quite the task if Marc’s to be resurrected and stop Harrow’s cult once and for all.

See how Marc’s final fate unfolds next Wednesday in the series finale of Moon Knight, airing on Disney+.

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