Mass Monsters Derek Lunsford and Nick Walker Tag Team a Titanic Leg Workout

Reigning 212 Olympia champion Derek Lunford and 2021 Arnold Classic Champ Nick Walker got together for a heavy leg training session posted to Lunsford’s YouTube channel on May 5, 2022. Apparently, it was the first collaboration between the elite competitors, and they plan to do many more down in Florida.

Both Lunsford and Walker will compete at the 2022 Olympiascheduled for Dec.16-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. Lunsford will attempt to defend his 212 Olympia title from the likes of former 212 Olympia champions Kamal Elgargni and shaun clarida (assuming he doesn’t compete in the Open), the latter being dethroned by Lunsford in 2021.

Walker aims to improve upon his fifth-place finish in the 2021 Mr. Olympia contest (his debut), though he told Bar Bend in an interview that he’s not just looking to improve his result; he’s looking to take home the sandow trophy. Check out the full leg session via the video below:

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Can’t Legendary Without Leg Day

We’ve included the full details from the workout below:

Leg Extensions and Hamstring Curls

Typically, bodybuilders start leg workouts with leg extensions to warm the knee joints and pre exhaust the quads before jumping into the heavy compounds lifts (eg, squats, leg press).

Every inch of the rep, we’re squeezing as hard as we can so we’re making the exercise harder than it really should be.

Lunsford and Walker performed the first set at a snail’s pace but upped the tempo as the weight increased. They concluded the leg extensions with six 45-pound weight plates and a multiple drop set, stripping off two weights at a time until two remained. The 212 athlete managed 30 reps while the Open competitor achieved somewhere in the 40 rep range.

It only made sense to drive some blood into the hamstrings next with a few warm ups and two decently challenging sets of lying leg curls to prepare them for the multi-joint movements.

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Hack Squat and Standing Single-Leg Hamstring Curl

After the appetizers, Lunsford and Walker ordered a serving of heavy hack squats. Both assumed a hip-width stance, pointing their toes straight forward to emphasize the outer quads. They performed six total sets starting with forty-five pounds on each side and ending with twelve 45-pound plates on the leg press machine for one final set. Both athletes squeezed out more than 10 repetitions. Moving on to another hamstring movement, they included a few sets of standing leg curls.

Leg Press (FST-7) and Machine Adductors

Delivering the final deathblow before a less intense set of machine leg adductorsLunsford suggested they do an FST-7 (Fascia stretch training and seven sets) set of leg presses based on the training system developed by his coach Hany Ramod.

It’s supposed to be five to seven sets, thirty seconds rest, and 12 reps at a time.

Lunsford gave a quick rundown of the brutal finisher, explaining that the reps have to be controlled, and the feet must remain on the leg press platform until are sets are completed. They proceeded to load up the machine with 10 45-pound plates, and the 212 champion got his start on the grueling five-set leg killer.

On the first two or three sets, you’re like this is way too easy; those last couple sets suck.

Walker followed suit, mentally preparing himself for the inevitable agony to come, but he too was able to grind through the last few sets. However, he does not regret choosing the weight they used for this movement.

I know what the secret to big legs are, blood starving shit.

Before they could hit the showersLunsford and Walker took to the leg adductor machine, where they knocked out a few sets to isolate the inner thighes.

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Derek Lunsford and Nick Walker’s Leg Workout

Below are the exercises listed in the same sequence that Lunsford and Walker performed them during their leg workout. Due to the video editing and provided details, we could not provide an exact number of sets and reps for each movement:

  • Leg Extensions
  • Hamstring Curls
  • hack squat
  • Standing Single-Leg Hamstring Curl
  • Leg Press
  • Machine Abductors

Lunsford and Walker showed pure grit and determination during their leg workout, including their insane FST-7 finisher. These are qualities they’ll need on the world’s biggest bodybuilding stage if they are going to leave Las Vegas as Olympia champions.

Featured image: @nick_walker39 on Instagram

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