Kitsap Mental Health expands facility in Bremerton for youth programs

Andrew Glass, a clinical supervisor at Kitsap Mental Health Services, left, explains four values ​​that students were taught in the Madrona Day Treatment program during a tour to the program's second classroom in Bremerton on April 13, 2022.

EAST BREMERTON — Several weeks ago, Chris Borer teared up standing in a newly-built classroom knowing how many more kids with mental health issues would get help there.

With the opening of the new space in February, located on the Kitsap Mental Health Services campus on Almira Drive, KMHS has doubled its capacity to serve K-12 students who need treatment-focused support to be successful in school — the primary goal of the agency’s Madrona Day Treatment program.

“It’s been incredible to be able to serve more students and also to really give them the space that they need to learn,” said Borer, who has worked at KMHS for 15 years.

Previously, the Madrona program had one classroom to serve 12 children. KMHS last year got funding from the state budget to build a second classroom in the same building, turning some of KMHS’s office space into an extra space for students.

Two classrooms have similar interiors. Whiteboard, tables, chairs and some students’ colorful paintings decorating the wall.

The second classroom for Kitsap Mental Health's Madrona Day Treatment program.

With the second classroom being used, the program’s capacity is extended from 12 to 24. The program currently serves about 21 students, Borer said.

The second classroom allows staff to break students into pods. Therefore, children of similar ages can be around their peers as opposed to all being in the same classroom, Borer said.

“It makes it easier for them to grow up, that really young kids not to be intimidated by a high school student,” Borer said.

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