Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul criticized over Russian invasion comments

Sen. Rand Paul got flak Tuesday for his comments on the Russian invasion of Ukrainewith some people criticizing him for echoing one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s talking points.

During an exchange with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Paul pointed out that Russia’s attacks, in the recent past, have been on countries that were once part of the Soviet Union.

Putin publicly has dismissed Ukraine’s right to function as a sovereign nation separate from Russia.

The Kentucky Republican’s comments came during a congressional hearing with Blinken, during which Paul raised concerns about US displays of support for Ukraine potentially joining the NATO military alliance, including during former President George W. Bush and President Joe Biden’s administrations.

He Blinken: “Knowing full well that Ukraine was unlikely to ever join NATO since it had already been asked 14 years since they said they were going to become members, why was it so important last fall — before this invasion — to continue agitating for Ukraine’s admission to NATO?

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