Here’s what 30-minutes of walking per day can do to your body

Whether you’re walking for weight loss or just re-thinking your commute to work, there are a number of benefits to increasing your daily step count. Plus, while walking for 30-minutes a day might seem like a stretch, that’s just two 15-minute walks or one longer stroll around the park on your lunch break. But what are the benefits of walking on the body?

Compared to other forms of exercise, say running or cycling, walking doesn’t get much attention, but it’s actually a brilliant way to tone up, build muscle, and lose weight. Unlike running, it’s a beginner-friendly workout, and suitable for most people. The best part? You can grab your running phone holder, a coffee, and even the dog, and get some good exercise as you go. Plus, you can get paid to walk.

What happens to your body when you walk for 30-minutes a day?

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