Heartstopper boss on cutting key character from the show

heart stopper spoilers follow.

heart stopper writer Alice Oseman has revealed why a key character was removed from the show.

The new LGBTQ+ drama series has been adapted from Oseman’s popular teen web comic and graphic novel series and premiered on Netflix yesterday (April 22).

Speaking exclusively to DigitalSpy, Oseman explained how she had to tweak the original story to accommodate the televised timeline and why Aled was ultimately cut from the series.

“When writing the show, one thing I had to do was kind of expand the story, because heart stopper, being a graphic novel, is quite short, really. There’s not a lot of story in there,” she began.

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“So in the show, while we’ve stayed really true to the story in the books, we’ve expanded the world, and added lots of new elements and new, little storylines,” she clarified.

Oseman added that Imogen played a pivotal part in reimagining that element halfway through the story.

“Imogen was a big part of that, adding a little bit of drama and tension kind of partway through the story,” she said. “And Isaac is a little bit of that, but, for various complicated reasons, I had to take a character called Aled out of the books. And Isaac is kind of there to fulfill the role of him.

“Basically, long story short: Aled is a character in one of my other books, and so he has his own story. But with Isaac, a completely new story, I’m kind of free to do whatever I want with this character. So, yeah, it’s just about expanding the world, and expanding the story.”

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Elsewhere, a day after the series premiere, the show’s star Joe Locke opened up about Charlie Spring’s emotional breakdown in the series finale.

the scenes finds Locke’s character crying on his older sister Tori’s shoulder as he blames himself for his boyfriend Nick’s despondency.

“Jenny [Walser], who plays Tori, my sister, is just the most lovely, caring, warm person. And so I think doing the scene with her, we had a genuine brother/sister connection anyway. So that made it 10 times easier to get emotional.

“Our director, Euros [Lyn], I don’t know how he did it. He just has this wonderful way of getting the right things out of us without pushing us to our extremes […] I think Euros tried to make the set as comfortable and as at-ease as possible – especially in that scene, for me, while I was getting into the headspace,” he added.

heart stopper is now streaming on Netflix.

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