Health care affordability is Anthem’s top priority

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Denise McDonough is the president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine.

All of us at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine are deeply committed to providing our 300,000 members access to high-quality, outcomes-driven health care. We believe MaineHealth shares these goals. where our two perspectives divergehowever, is that our work centers on ensuring that care is affordable.

The reality is, health care costs in Maine are high — some of the highest in the country — and if we are not vigilant, they’ll continue to climb higher. an objective 2019 study by the University of Pennsylvania ranked Maine as having the fourth-highest health care cost burden for working families in America, and a 2020 study by the RAND Corp. showed prices paid to hospitals in Maine by private insurers are 252 percent of what Medicare would have paid for the same services at the same facilities.

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