Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

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Samsung will refresh its smartwatch lineup later this year with what we’ve come to call the “Galaxy Watch 5”series (tentative name). The Watch 5 hasn’t leaked too much yet, although this could change in the coming months.

Despite the lack of detailed information, we have heard a handful of intriguing details concerning Samsung’s direction for its next-gen wearables. From bigger batteries to a missing physical bezel, the Galaxy Watch 5 could represent the starting point of a significant shift in the future of the Galaxy Watch series.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know so far about the Galaxy Watch 5.

Samsung’s 2022 smartwatch series to include three models

The ongoing Galaxy Watch 4 series, released in 2021, consists of two models, ie, the regular Watch 4 and the “Classic” variant. This year, big changes are coming, as evidenced by three new codenames.

Samsung seems to be developing three new smartwatches currently known by the codenames “Hearth-S,” “Hearth-L,” and “Heart-Pro.” Model numbers are “SM-R90x,” “SM-R91x,” and “SM-R92x.”

It’s unclear how the three smartwatches will be called on stage exactly, but codenames don’t usually match the final moniker. They generally represent an idea, and in this case, the codenames seem to be hinting at a small, a large, and a Pro smartwatch model.

Galaxy Watch 5 “Pro” could join the 2022 lineup

The third Galaxy Watch 5 model could be a “Pro” or “Ultra” variant, although, once again, the official name is unknown at this point.

Regardless of how Samsung ends up calling this new addition to its smartwatch lineup, we hear it has a monsterbattery with a 572mAh capacity.

The largest Galaxy Watch 4 variant has a 361mAh battery, meaning, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro/Ultra could boast a ~60% increase in battery capacity.

Bigger batteries for every Galaxy Watch 5 variant

It’s not only the rumored Galaxy Watch 5 Pro that gets a bigger battery. According to regulatory filingsthe smaller Watch 5 variant has a 276mAh battery (part number EB-BR900ABY), up from 247mAh on the Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm).

More online documents revealed that the mid-sized Galaxy Watch 5 model, codenamed Hearth-L, should have a battery (part number EB-BR910ABY) with a rated capacity of 397mAh, up from 361mAh on the larger 44mm Galaxy Watch 4.

Smartwatch battery life is crucial, given that most models last a day on a single charge. By the looks of it, the Galaxy Watch 5 series could boast significant gains over the existing models.

The Galaxy Watch “Classic” variant could be going bye-bye

SamMobile heard rumors about Samsung possibly dropping the “Classic” variant for the Galaxy Watch 5 series. In other words, all three Watch 5 models could have a virtual bezel, and Samsung might not provide a direct upgrade from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Samsung’s plans for the Classic variant beyond the Watch 5 series are unknown, assuming the rumor is correct and there won’t be a model with a physical bezel coming out this year.

Samsung wants to add a thermometer to the Watch 5, but the tech may not be ready

The Galaxy Watch 5 could expand upon Samsung’s Health platform with the addition of a thermometer sensor. Word among industry watchers is that the company wants to add skin temperature reading capabilities to the Galaxy Watch 5, which would be a first in the company’s smartwatch lineup.

This new sensor would complement existing health features such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring. And in theory, the Galaxy Watch 5 would be the perfect launchpad for this technology, given that Apple has similar plans for its 2022 smartwatch model, the latter of which should be coming in November.

Unfortunately for Samsung, if industry rumors turn out to be correct, the company might not have the technology ready in time for the release of the Galaxy Watch 5 series.

Samsung may have to push back the thermometer feature to 2023 due to slow progress in developing an accurate algorithm for the skin temperature sensor. On the other hand, Samsung’s rival, Apple, has reportedly fixed a similar issue for its upcoming Watch series and could release a model equipped with a thermometer this year.

Galaxy Watch 5 series may run a newer version of Wear OS

The Galaxy Watch 4 was Samsung’s first smartwatch to abandon Tizen in favor of Google’s new operating system, Wear OS 3.0. Although, of course, Samsung added its own coat of paint to Wear OS 3 through One UI.

It’s important to remember that Samsung and Google have worked together closely on developing Wear OS 3, which is probably why the Korean company still appears to have exclusivity over this OS version. Many other smartwatch vendors have promised a future Wear OS 3 update for months without providing a timeline. In the meantime, the Galaxy Watch 4 keeps getting new features.

As far as Google’s role in — and gains from — Wear OS go, the company has its own hardware plans for 2022. Google wants to join the smartwatch game with a wearable called the Pixel Watchand presumably, the latter will run an updated version of Wear OS.

Because Samsung and Google appear to be working together, the Korean tech giant may also want to debut the Galaxy Watch 5 series with fresh One UI features. There is no further info yet, but we’ll update this page as soon as details start surfacing.

When is the Galaxy Watch 5 series due, and how much will it cost?

If history is any indication, Samsung should unveil the Galaxy Watch 5 series at its primary Galaxy Unpacked event for H2. It usually takes place in August every year.

Pricing details remain a mystery at this point, considering the many variables in play. Samsung seems to be planning big changes for the Galaxy Watch 5 series, so whether or not the launch prices will resemble the Galaxy Watch 4’s remains to be seen.

At launch, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic started at $249 and $349, respectively. It’s unclear how much the Galaxy Watch 5 will cost, given that there could be a third, “Pro” model in the works. Details on color and material choices are also lacking, and they play a role in the final pricing. We’ll keep you up to speed as soon as more details emerge. Feel free to check back to this page regularly and stay updated on future developments.

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