Dr. Moore, Riverheads team doctor, dies at 89 after longtime service to community

GREENVILLE — Jim Stout recalled a summer practice for Riverheads football back in the early 1970s when Tony DeMacio had just started coaching the team.

The Gladiators were having two-a-day practices, one in the morning and another later that day after a break. In between the two, during lunch break, all the players left and DeMacio asked Stout, the school’s athletic director, where they were.

Stout told him to get in the car and they’d take a ride to Mint Spring. When they arrived, Stout said they were greeted by a couple of horses, some sheep and goats, and maybe two dogs. There was even a baby pig.

Once past all the animals, Stout and DeMacio saw the missing players—all of them in Dr. H. Lynn Moore’s swimming pool. And Moore’s wife, Eloise, was preparing lunch for the team.

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