Desmond Bane downgraded to questionable for Tuesday’s game

Memphis: Desmond Bane (back lower back soreness) has been downgraded to questionable. Ziaire Williams (right knee soreness) has been upgraded to questionable.
Source: Alberto De Roa @ HoopsHype

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Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett

Notes from Coach Jenkins press conference:
-can live with the Warriors taking tough shots, but not the easy ones: 2nd chance pts and fast break pts
-Desmond Bane dealt with soreness that crept up in Game 1
-bench didn’t get stops and couldn’t find their pace
-Grizz will respond- 3:06 PM

Michael Cole @damichaelc

Taylor Jenkins said Desmond Bane is dealing with some general soreness that crept up during the game. He said Bane is doing alright and feeling a little sore like most of the players. – 2:32 PM

OhmYoungmisuk @NotoriousOHM

Taylor Jenkins says Steven Adams remains in health and safety protocols. He said Desmond Bane was feeling general soreness when he was being looked at during Game 1. – 2:15 PM

carl steward @stewardfolly

I don’t know what the defensive strategy was on Desmond Bane but he was 3 for 10 (1 for 5 from 3) and just 9 points. That was critical against a guy who averaged 18.2 and shot 43.6 percent from 3 in the regular season. Rebounding was also huge. – 6:51 PM

Haralabos Voulgaris @haralabob

Melton in over Bane down the stretch has been interesting. – 6:12 PM

pete prana @petepranica

Big issue for Grizzlies is their wing scorers aren’t scoring: Bane and Brooks a combined 5 of 22. Ouch. If Jaren and Ja aren’t balling out, GSW is cruising. – 6:02 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

Memphis is trying to survive a game with Bane/Brooks shooting a combined 5/22 FGs – 6:00 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

…now let’s see if Bane can overcome the ice timeout by Steve Kerr here in between free throws – 4:08 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

Bane had to get yammmed on to enter the series, but he’s here now – 4:06 PM

Sean Cunningham @SeanCunningham

Desmond Bane coming to life on both ends after being dunked on by Gary Payton. – 4:06 PM

Michael Cole @damichaelc

Des Bane just had Steph Curry ice skating 👀 – 4:05 PM

Geoff Calkins @geoff_calkins

Bane. Poor guy. – 4:04 PM

marcus thompson @ThompsonScribe

Warriors starting small: GP2, Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Draymond
Grizzlies starting big: Ja, Bane, Brooks, Tillman, Jackson – 3:49 PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyvslater

Memphis starters: Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Dillon Brooks, Jaren Jackson Jr., Xavier Tillman. That’s a two big look against the Warriors even without Steven Adams available. – 3:04 PM

Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba

Steve Kerr on slowing down Ja Morant and Desmond Bane:
“We just have to do our best to limit their open looks and their easy points and see how it goes.” – 2:13 PM

sam amick @sam_amick

Pre-game reading for Warriors-Grizzlies…
Jordan Poole Unplugged –…

Desmond Bane Unplugged –…12:34 PM

james boyd @RomeovilleKid
#Grizzlies#warriors game tomorrow has plenty of Indiana ties.
• Desmond Bane, Richmond native/ Seton Catholic alum
• Jaren Jackson Jr., former Park Tudor/La Lumiere star
• John Konchar, former PFW star
Golden State:
• Jordan Poole, played at La Lumiere w/ Jackson – 10:53 PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyvslater

Detailed it in the preview, but Desmond Bane profiles as one of the more similar players that Klay Thompson has ever faced in a playoff series. Similar size, strength, offensive shot diet, accuracy. Should be guarding each other plenty.…1:37 PM

Adam Seas @Adam_Mares

Jokic’s 31.0 ppg led all players in the first round. He shot 57.5% from the field, highest among the top 25 scorers.
Klay, Bane, Hunter, & Cp3 had a higher TS%. – 2:15AM

Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46

Desmond Bane in the series vs. the Timberwovles
23.5 points
49.5% FG
48.2% 3P
90% FT
4 straight games with 20+ points
5+ FG made in each and every game of the series
Beast! #GrindCity1:21AM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

Desmond Bane led Grizzlies in minutes, points, total field goals, and total 3s in this series.
Bane’s +/- was +70. Next closest Grizzlies player in +/- was Brandon Clarke (+35) – 12:51 AM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett

Desmond Bane said it’s hard not to know that you’re down 10 or 15pts. But Coach Jenkins is good about telling them to take it one possession, one quarter, one half, one game and one series at a time. It’s about finishing the first one and onto the next. – 12:49AM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

When Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Tyus Jones shared the floor in playoffs, Grizzlies outscored Timberwolves 108-62 in 39 minutes.
In the other 249 minutes of the series, the Timberwolves outscored the Grizzlies by 13 points. – 12:48AM

Michael Cole @damichaelc

The Grizzlies will face the Splash Brothers. They’ve been regarded as the league’s best backcourt for a while.
I asked Ja Morant & Desmond Bane what people need to know about the Grizzlies’ backcourt:
Ja: “We feel like we’re one of the best backcourts in the league as well.” – 12:44AM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett

With about 36 hours until Game 1 of the semifinals, Ja Morant and Desmond Bane said they about to go to sleep and get some rest. – 12:43AM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM

What is Ja Morant and Desmond Bane like as a backcourt?
Bane: “Some killers man.”
Morant: “Real headhunters” – 12:41 AM

Michael Cole @damichaelc

Dillon Brooks on the Timberwolves focusing on containing Ja Morant and Desmond Bane:
“I think they thought I was gone shoot 1-for-10 again.” – 12:31AM

james boyd @RomeovilleKid

Indiana native and former Seton Catholic (@SCiBelieve) star Desmond Bane, who now starts for the #Grizzlies, averaged 23.5 pts, 4.3 rebs and 2.2 asts in Memphis’ six-game first-round series win over Minnesota. He shot 49.5% overall, 48.2% on 3s and 90.0% at the FT line.
📸 me AM

Michael Cole @damichaelc

Desmond Bane deserves his national respect after that series. He just shot 50-48-90 on 24 points per game against a legit defense that made it a focal point to slow him down later in the series. He’ll be playing in Memphis alongside Ja Morant for a long time. He was the MVP. – 12:00 AM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett

Desmond Bane just said on @SportsCenter during his postgame interview that the NBA Most Improved Player Award trophy is still at his house in his kitchen but it is Ja Morant’s trophy. – 11:58 PM

Dan Favale @danfavale

desmond bane was a +22 in a game the grizzlies won by eight PM

StatMuse @statmuse

Desmond Bane averaged 24 PPG on 50/48/90% in the first round. PM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett

Grizzlies defeat the Timberwolves 114-106 to win the series 4-2.
Bane: 23pts, 7reb
Jackson Jr: 18pts, 14reb, 2blk
Morant: 17pts, 8reb, 11st
Clarke: 17pts, 11reb, 5ast
Brooks: 23pts

sam vecenie @Sam_Vecenie

The Brandon Clarke and Desmond Bane series.
Both have just been utterly enormous for Memphis. Finding out that those two can be dudes in the playoffs is so critical to Memphis’ future and how they build. – 11:48 PM

Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA

Desmond Bane loves that fake pump – 11:36 PM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett

Desmond Bane!!! – 11:35 PM

Michael Cole @damichaelc

Desmond Bane just nailed a 3-pointer to give the Grizzlies a two-point lead as Pat Bev flew by him into the first row. wow- 11:35 PM

Tony Jones @tjonesonthenba

KAT has thrown the same shoulder at least six times this game that they just called Desmond Bane for an offensive foul for…..league definitely trying to get a game 7…take advantage Wolves!!! – 11:26 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM

What a huge shot by Desmond Bane. What a huge shot by Antony Edwards. – 11:25 PM

Chris Herrington @ChrisHerrington

Ja-Tyus-Bane-Dillon-Jaren for Grizzlies. Down 7, nine minutes to go. – 11:14 PM

Michael Cole @damichaelc

The Timberwolves have gone with Pat Bev on Desmond Bane and they’re still loading up when Ja Morant drives the ball. I mean, Dillon Brooks is probably getting the easiest shots on the perimeter right now. All about makes and misses. He’s 7 of 16 and leads Memphis with 17 points. – 10:49 PM

Mark Gianotto @mgiannotto

Desmond Bane and Brandon Clarke have been so damn dependent on this series. – 10:22 PM

Chris Herrington @ChrisHerrington

Griz come out with Ja-Tyus-Bane-Brooks-Clarke, the small-ball lineup they used to close Game 5. – 10:07 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM

Grizzlies losing some momentum here in the second. Missing some shots they should make. Sending Bane back out there. – 9:59 PM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett

Well that was an interesting 1st qtr.
Grizzlies knocked down 6 threes, had 9 assists on 11 shots, scored 7PTS off 3 Minnesota turnovers and Dillon Brooks (10pts) and Desmond Bane (13pts) have the hot hand!
Grizzlies down 29-28. – 9:45 PM

Steve Ashburner @aschNBA

Nineteen 3FGAs, five fouls and just four FTAs ​​in the first 12 minutes. Breezy opening quarter by the standards of this series.
Minnesota 29, Memphis 28.
Anthony Edwards 16p, Desmond Bane 13, Dillon Brooks 10. KAT 4p on 2/6 FG.
Morant (5a) and Russell (3a) scoreless. – 9:45 PM

Christopher Hine @ChristopherHine

End of the first quarter and it’s Timberwolves 29, Memphis 28.
Anthony Edwards has 16 points and looks locked in, to say the least. Jaden McDaniels with 9 and Towns with 4. Bane with 13 for Memphis, Brooks with 10. Morant scoreless but has 5 assists. – 9:42 PM

Mark Gianotto @mgiannotto

Love the composition from the Grizzlies early. Bane and Brooks have combined for 21 of first 24 points. Jaden McDaniels can’t keep shooting like this, right? – 9:35 PM

Chris Herrington @ChrisHerrington

Jaden McDaniels is 3-3 from 3 in two minutes off the bench for Wolves, neutralizing the hot shooting of Bane/Brooks. Grizzlies 24, Wolves 22. Ja still scoreless, but five dimes. – 9:33 PM

Meghan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett

Desmond Bane once again showing us that he’s that road warrior! – 9:32 PM

Tyrese Maxey @TyreseMaxey


Chris Herrington @ChrisHerrington

Bane has turned on the flamethrower again. Jaden McDaniels (!) answering. – 9:32 PM

james boyd @RomeovilleKid

Desmond Bane 🔥🔥🔥🔥 – 9:31 PM

dane moore @DaneMooreNBA

Memphis adjusting to having Dillon Brooks guard Anthony Edwards.
Brooks had been guarding D’Angelo Russell. Now Desmond Bane is on DLo. – 9:20 PM

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