College basketball never ends, not even the first week of May

NDI’s Tom Noie held his monthly Notre Dame men’s basketball chat on May 5. Here’s a complete (albeit lengthy) transcript of that session.

Tom Noie: Welcome to May and welcome to another Notre Dame men’s basketball chat. There’s been no shortage since we last met – players coming, players going, schedule stuff, etc. To join today’s chat, be sure to include your name and hometown. And with that, let’s light this May chat candle… 

It took a few minutes to get there, but Blake Wesley was a popular topic of chat conversation during the May session.

Bob: What is your best guess on the big men on NDs roster next season? 

Tom Noie: Bob: Is “Too early to tell….” an option. Right now, it would be just a guess, with a possible big man (or two) to be named later. Right now, the number of bigs on the roster is slim – junior to be Matt Zona and incoming freshmen Dom Campbell and Ven-Allen Lubin. Notre Dame may (stress may) add another big via the transfer portal and may (again, stress may) get Nate Laszewski back for his super senior season. Those two possibilities may be a coin flip. Stay tuned. 

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