Can Marc-Andre Fleury Win Another Stanley Cup?

Marc-André Fleury

Just about anyone who knows anything about star goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury knows he’s a terrific guy you’re happy to see good things happen to.

Whether it was as a long-term member of the Stanley-Cup-winning Pittsburgh Penguins, or more recently, as a short-term member of the Vegas Golden Knights, Chicago Blackhawks – and currently, as an employee of the Minnesota Wild – Fleury he has always endeared himself to the fan base of the team he works for. And now, Fleury has the chance to put himself in an excellent competitive and financial position: either as a key member of the Wild next season – after building on a deep playoff run with Minnesota this spring – or as a very well-compensated piece of the puzzle on another franchise, with a good shot at winning the fourth Cup of his career.


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