Blac Chyna’s lawyer accuses Kardashians of ‘gaslighting’

Blac Chyna’s lawyer accused the Kardashian-Jenner family of “gaslighting” the jurors as they each took the stand over the last week and a half.

In her closing argument, Lynne Ciani jurors to “use their common sense” and ask the defendants — Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Khloé Kardashian — were “gaslighting” when they testified about the alleged details of the December 2016 attack. against Chyna’s ex Rob Kardashian.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that makes one question their own sanity.

She argued that while the fight between Rob and Chyna did happen, it was not a “murderous attack” as Kris testified earlier this week. Ciani said Rob, 35, testified that there were no marks on his body and his claims that his life was threatened was not credible.

“Let’s forget that this is a famous family,” Ciani told jurors. “For a person to claim that his fiancée struck him with a metal pole… but there were no marks in his body… no phone calls to police, not even a band-aid… that person is not credible.”

Ciani also alleged evidence presented during the trial showed Kris’ messages to the “Rob & Chyna” showrunner defamed her client.

Blac Chyna courtroom sketch
The judge denied Chyna’s request to retake the stand.

Ciani also pointed to an email Kylie sent to execs, which read she was so concerned about Rob’s safety that she was willing to film her own show so that the network could fill the space left by “Rob & Chyna.” She said it showed that Kylie not only defamed Chyna, 33, but also affected Chyna’s contract with her.

“There is no reason that she should not still be on TV except for what this family did to her,” Ciani added.

Meanwhile, Kardashian-Jenner lawyer Michael Rhodes said in his closing arguments that it was Chyna who damaged her own reputation, and his clients actually tried to save the show and offered her to film episodes on ‘KUWTK’ while the feuding couple tried to work on their relationship.

Rhodes also pointed out that Walter Mosley, Chyna’s former attorney, also testified that he repeatedly emailed network executives on whether they decided to pick up the option for Season 2 right up to July 31, 2017. The next day, Mosley billed the network for a $100,000 “kill fee,” which Rhodes said was agreed upon in Chyna’s amended contract should the network pass on the option.

Rhodes added the crux of the case is Chyna thought the “Rob & Chyna” show was only about her.

“It was about both of them… and it was a bad relationship. It’s not necessarily Mr. Kardashian’s fault or Ms. White’s [Chyna]. For some reason, they didn’t work … and there was a point where it became grim, dark and heavy,” Rhodes told the jury.

Rhodes also pointed out that all the network and production executives who testified during the trial said they were not interested in moving forward with the show because it became a very toxic relationship and no longer fit the network’s vision, which tended to focus on escapist and aspirational relationships like those featured in “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Chyna is suing the Kardashian-Jenners for $40 million for loss of earnings and more than $60 million in future earnings. She claims they used their power from her to cancel the second season of her reality show from her with Rob.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
Rob and Chyna share 5-year-old daughter Dream.
GC Images

On Thursday, the judge denied Chyna’s request to retake the stand after her 11-hour testimony.

Ahead of closing arguments, Judge Gregory Alarcon reminded the jurors that each defendant should be given separate consideration for their alleged part in blocking a second season of “Rob & Chyna.”

Earlier in the week, the famous family filed a motion to have the case dismissed.

Deliberations begin Friday at 9 am PT.


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