Amendment C asks South Dakota voters to make raising taxes harder

Early voting in the June 7 primary has begun. All registered voters have the opportunity to vote on Amendment C.

The upcoming primary election in South Dakota features a historic number of primary races in which Republican candidates will be battling for positions up and down the ballot.

Almost all of the action will be among Republicans. But there is a ballot issue that all registered voters can weigh in on, Constitutional Amendment C. If it passes, the amendment would require any future ballot measure that increases taxes, or spends $10 million over five years, to pass by at least 60%.

Though not unheard of – South Dakota voters saw a ballot measure in the 2018 primary election – they are rare in primaries. Most ballot issues appear on the general election ballot.

And that has some opponents of Amendment C claiming treachery: Voter participation is expected to be much lower. In 2018, for example, 27% of registered voters participated in the primary, versus 63% in the general election.

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