All The New Characters In “Moon Knight” So Far

Marc Spector and Steven Grant are the odd couple I didn’t know I’d need.

Disney+ has hit another homerun with Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac is delivering on a hero not many are familiar with, but people are certainly paying attention now. This gripping show has delivered on so many fronts, but for anybody who has seen the first three episodes and is wondering who these characters are, this list is for you. We’re going to be diving into some show and comic book *SPOILERS* so turn away if you want to continue the show without knowing what might be ahead. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!

Marc Spector & Steven Grant played by Oscar Isaac


Of course, we have to start with the show’s stars, Marc and Steven, who are both vying for control of what they believe to be their body with their dissociative personality disorder. It’s a tremendous odd couple balance as it’s clear within the first episode that Marc is the brawn, and Steven seems to be the brains, especially on all things Egyptian. The history of these two characters runs deep in the comics, and there appears to be sound reasoning behind the development of these split personalities. I won’t get too deep into it, but we might be introduced to another character that was pretty important in the source material after this last episode. Now, there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding Marc and his past of him besides the fact that we know he is a mercenary and has a lot of bodies to his kill count of him. in the comic bookshe becomes the avatar of Khonshu after the God saved him from near death after a betrayal from an extremist called Bushman.

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This new lease on life allowed him to be the hero he might not have been as a mercenary, though it seems to come at a cost considering Khonshu’s overbearing personality. Steven Grant’s depiction of him in the show seems to be the furthest departure from his comic book origin. In the comics, this person is a wealthy businessman who, like Bruce Wayne, uses his status to get information when the time calls for it. The change to make him a mild-mannered gift shop employee and focus on discovering his dissociative identity disorder instead of concentrating on Marc’s point of view might surprise some fans of the comic book. Still, I think it has won over many new fans who wonder what discoveries we will have with this duo. There seems to be more on the horizon when it comes to uncovering the truth behind Marc’s past of him, and I ca n’t wait to see it.

Moon Knight and Mr. Knight played by Oscar Isaac


Though these two characters haven’t been formally introduced by these names, these two hero personas are the avatars who dole out justice to the criminals they hunt down. In the show, we see Marc Spector being the avatar that gets to call on the hooded caped hero we know as Moon Knight, who serves up an ass whooping like no other. At the same time, Steven Grant summons Mr. Knight, the chicer-looking hero with the suit and tie that brings a taste of fashion to the already badass hero. This new take on the Mr. Knight character seems to be another fresh spin they’ve added to the show. In the comics, Mr. Knight was yet another alter ego that Marc developed as his detective persona, which was better at solving mysteries than fighting baddies.

Disney / Via giphy.com

In the show, Mr. Knight appears after Steven jumps out a window to escape a jackal. After Khonshu yells for him to “summon the suit,” luckily, he screams “suit” before his demise and lands a superhero pose with new digs, granted he did eat a pipe to the face before he lands, but hey, that’s what supernatural healing is for, right? It seems they have given both Marc and Steven their own Khonshu avatar that best represents who they are, which for the tv show makes sense; I am curious to see how many times we will see the switch between the two, as Episodes Two and Three gave us a glimpse of both and clearly, Mr. Knight is not about that smoke.

Khonshu voiced by F. Murray Abraham


Being the God of the Moon who bestows his power onto his servant, Marc, Khonshu has shown to be an overbearing presence in his avatar’s life. Though I am sure we will find out more on the specifics of Marc and Khonshu’s history, we have learned through the show that Khonshu has been at odds with the other Gods as they abandoned humanity after feeling left themselves and are blind to seeing Arthurs nefarious plot due to their distrust of the Moon God. Khonshu in the show seems to be reaping what he sowed as we know that Arthur Harrow was a former servant who Khonshu tormented to the point of following a new God, Ammit, whose judgment seems to come before the crime, meaning a lot of innocent lives will be taken if Harrow is successful in freeing her. Although Khonshu hasn’t been presented in the best light so far, we saw a little of his vulnerability in him when Steven and Layla are working together to find Senfu’s tomb but do not know what the stars looked like 2,000 years prior. This prompts Khonshu to say, “I remember that night; I remember every night,” this line gives a little more depth to this seemingly demanding God as he helps the pair, knowing that his manipulation of the sky would inevitably mean his imprisonment of him. . This sacrifice shows Khonshu’s determination to stop Arthur’s plan and displays his trust in Marc to free him. All this seems to be in line with Khonshu from the comics as he’s been known to do some good and, in some storylines, become a villain himself; time will tell what side we will get to see in the show.

Arthur Harrow played by Ethan Hawke


As the antagonist of the series, Arthur is a cult leader loyal to the Egyptian deity Ammit, who seeks to ruthlessly judge people based on sins they’ve yet to commit. Arthur’s view of the world seems similar to what Thanos and He Who Remains had in mind, as they both felt their judgment and insight were for the better good. Though at first glance, Arthur seems like a man of the people, we quickly learn that it comes at a cost when his intentions from him to free Ammit are revealed and what that would mean to several innocent lives. We also understand why Arthur is the perfect adversary to Marc and Steven as he was a former servant to Khonshu and is well versed in his behavior and way of thinking about him, even able to con the counsel of Gods to distrust the God of the Moon further. This chess-like mentality has him one step ahead so far and makes his entrance from him as an MCU villain all the more intriguing. It seems the show took some liberty of straying away from the genius scientist and surgeon of the comics, though we have yet to learn about his past occupation from him, so there’s still time to find out.

Layla El-Faouly played by May Calamawy


Layla El-Faouly seems to be the TV version of Marlene Alaurune from the comics, who is Marc Spector’s love interest and confidante. Though we did see that Layla has a history with a forger, so there’s still a chance we could see her be revealed as Marlene all along. Layla in the show seems like an Indiana Jones-type character who can handle her own de ella while taking back treasured antiquities and returning them to their proper owners even if while keeping some items to “pay the bills” as she says. There seems to be a history between Layla’s father de ella and Marc that Arthur picked up on and tried to prey on when speaking to Layla. This is another tie into Marlene’s story, as in the comic books Marlene’s father famed archeologist Peter Alaurune, was betrayed by Bushman who not only killed Peter but also left Marc to die as well leading to Marc finding Khonshu. Although there seems to be a spin on the details of what happened between Marc and Layla’s father, Marc was quick to downplay Arthur’s words as just manipulation, though I’m sure the truth will all be revealed soon enough.

Anton Mogart played by Gaspard Ulliel


In Episode 3, we get introduced to Anton Mogart, who in the comics is Midnight Man, an art thief who likes to do his thieving at the stroke of midnight. In the show, he seems like a man of skill and wit as he is able to gather an impressive collection, which includes Senfu’s sarcophagus, which is crucial for Marc and Layla’s journey to stop Arthur. Of course, things never go the way they’re supposed to, and after a visit from Arthur, violence ensues, which ends with Anton getting a flying blade into his back from him as he rides away. We didn’t see Anton die onscreen, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back in future episodes. However, I am curious how they handle the character since the actor, Gaspard Ulliel, died in an unfortunate skiing accident. I hope they can honor him somehow on the show as his character seems to be a welcome addition as another thorn in Marc Spector’s side.

The Ennead and their Avatars (Osiris, Horus, Isis, Hathor, and Defnut)


After Khonshu manipulates the sky to trigger a Lunar Eclipse, the Gods and their avatars meet at the Pyramid of Giza to reprimand Khonshu for such a blatant display of his power allowing him to state his case against Arthur and his plan to release Ammit. This sudden meeting of the Gods, called the Ennead, gave us some background as to why they had abandoned humanity and left their avatars to be only observers. We quickly see the disdain many of them carry for Khonshu, especially when Arthur can point the focus on Khonshu’s manipulation of Marc’s mental health and away from the accusations against him. We also get to see the Gods, similarly to the Eternals combining their power to imprison Khonshu after he helps Steven and Layla figure out the coordinates to Senfu’s tomb. Although most of the Gods are out of touch with humanity, Hathor’s avatar Yatzil lends Marc some advice to help him with his mission as Hathor and Khonshu have had a history together. Now in the comics, Osiris has a long history as the Ancient ruler of Egypt and Heliopolis alongside his Goddess wife, Isis. However, he is eventually imprisoned by his son, Seth, who also imprisons Isis and Horus after a long battle and some trickery. This leads to Odin being their eventual savior after the three Gods convinced the King of Asgard to help free them. This prompts Thor to go to Heliopolis alongside his father de él and the other Egyptian gods to take down the God of Death, Seth. After a well-fought battle, Seth is swallowed by the ground beneath him, and Osiris reclaims leadership of Heliopolis once again. I do not think we will get to see that side of Osiris in this series, but I am interested in what other background we might get in the show when it comes to Khonshu and his relationship with his fellow Gods.

What do you think of the characters they’ve introduced so far? What characters are you hoping they introduce next? Let us know in the comments below.

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