Actraiser Renaissance Version 1.10 Descends Onto Switch, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Update: Yuzo Koshiro, the legendary composer behind the original Actraiser and Renaissance, has shared on Twitter a few snippets of some of his updated music for the new update.

Koshiro confirmed that he and his sound team have updated 13 songs, but the composer has chosen seven of them to show off and give the world a sneak peek before hitting up the new patch today.

The tracks he’s shared on his social media are ‘Aitos – Temple’, ‘Powerful Enemy’, ‘Pyramid – Marahna’, ‘North Wall’, ‘World Tree’, ‘Birth of the People’, and ‘Alcaleone Boss’. You can listen to those refined tracks below, just under a machine translation of his tweet from him, where he credits other musicians who helped him out:

In this update, we have improved the quality of 13 songs. I chose 7 songs from them and made a video. (The game screen cannot be taken well and it is a DAW screen.) Ryo Sakagami @gamirs on the flute and SAK. @39diva M1) on the chorus also participated in some songs. Please enjoy it.

Original article: Square Enix Japan has dropped a new trailer for its remake of the 1990 Quintet classic, Actor Renaissancewhich showcases everything in the brand new patch, which has gone live today.

Version 1.10 is the first update to the game since its release last year, and it brings with it a handful of tweaks. Most importantly, Yuzo Koshiro has had his hands on the music again, making it sound even better than it already did. We’d pay for that, personally.

Here’s everything that version 1.10 brings to this loving remake of the original cult classic:

Version 1.10 (Released May 2nd, 2022)

– The item and SP potion drop rates during realm management and settlement defense have been increased.
– The population requirements to complete certain objectives in Aitos and Marahna during realm management have been reduced.
– The option to skip previously completed settlement siege battles has been added. (This feature is only available after completing the game.)

– The difficulty of the Rafflasher boss fight in Marahna Act 1 has been adjusted.
– The “Renaissance Actions” setting has been added to the game settings menu. If toggled off, backstepping, combos, rising strikes and overhead slams will be disabled, providing players with an experience closer to that of the original Actraiser.
– The stage clear sequence has been adjusted.

– The option to change the angel’s outfit during cutscenes has been added.
– A number of the musical compositions have been further refined by Yuzo Koshiro.
– An option to view update information has been added to the title screen.
– Various other minor issues have also been addressed.

Sounds like a lot of these updates are to make things a little bit easier for players. But the addition of “Renaissance Actions” also sounds promising. This new mode is meant to make Renaissance feel more like the original SNES actorwhich might add a bit of an extra challenge to those craving it.

If you haven’t picked up Actraiser Renaissance yet, it’s currently on sale (at the time of writing this) on the USeShop for $20.99 — so go pick it up! In our review of the game last year, we gave it an 8/10saying, “While it’s not perfect, Actraiser Renaissance will nonetheless find favor with fans of the original, as well as pick up plenty of new fans along the way.”

Have you downloaded the update yet? Let us know if you’ve tried it or what you think of the changes in the comments!


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