2022 NFL Draft Grades: Day 2 grades for the Denver Broncos

the Denver Broncos have wrapped up Day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft and ultimately decided to make a couple of trades. One was a move back five spots in the third round and the second was to move completely out of the third round and into the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft. At the end of the night, they drafted two players: Edge rusher Nik Bonitto Y tight end Greg Dulcich.

Let’s take a look at how we graded these two picks by the Broncos.

Nik Bonitto Draft Grades

I like Nik Bonitto and there are clips of him that look a lot like Von Miller out there. Great bend and speed off the edge, but he is nowhere near Von as a total package. It’ll be good for him to have a limited role early on in his career behind Bradley Chubb and Randy Gregory. He could develop into a starter in this league with the athletic traits he possesses. -Tim Lynch

Nik Bonitto looks like a 2nd – 3rd round pick. He looks like a guy who has good bend and speed. He’s a player that is going to likely need a year to grow into NFL size. I think this was a pick for the near-future which I don’t have a big problem with…especially when you look at the high level of athletic talent Bonitto brings to the table. -Sadaraine

I give the Broncos a B for the Nik Bonitto pick. Worst case scenario he should provide juice as a designated pass rusher and he offers the athletic traits to also be a net positive in coverage. He has the twitch and bend to stress tackles set points when he’s rushing from a wide nine technique and already shows a promising pass rush repertoire. My big concern ais he’s undersized and he could always be a weak spot against the run if he does n’t get stronger. -Joe Rowles

I would have preferred a few other edge rushers instead of him, but he’s still pretty good. He explosive and bendy off the edge and should give the Broncos a situational pass rusher at least during his rookie season. I do worry about his size and play strength limitations that probably limit him, at least early on. In the end, the Broncos added a pass rusher so I am a-okay with that. -Scotty Payne

It was nerve-racking watching so many edge rushers go off the board before Denver finally got a pick in 2022, but they made the most of the end of the second round, getting an athletic OLB whose get-off speed and bendy-ness ( I’m sure that’s a word) are reminiscent of Von Miller. He doesn’t have the size or power of Miller, but if he can get to the QB, he can affect the QB. And that’ll work. -Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann


How would you grade this pick of Nik Bonitto?

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Greg Dulcich Draft Grades

I think Greg Dulcich looks like he could become a pretty competent tight end threat in the NFL. He seems to share a lot of the traits that Albert Okwuegbunam has so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out. Either way, I have a feeling I’m going to love this tight end room and the personality Dulcich will bring. -Tim Lynch

I really like the selection of Greg Dulcich. He’s a tight end who looks like an explosive play maker. We traded away a good receiving TE in Noah Fant. This will add a 2nd TE weapon to the Broncos in the passing game. I like it for depth and I like seeing a guy who looks like he has a pretty high ceiling. -Sadaraine

I’d give the Broncos a C for Greg Dulcich. I like that he’s a self-made man who went from a zero star recruit to an Academic All-American. All signs are he’s a hard worker who happens to be an athletic receiving tight end who can play all over the formation. I have a lot of questions about the pick long before we consider Dulcich’s blocking though. Rookie tight ends rarely make much of an impact and there were other prospects that probably help more in 2022. Additionally, Russell Wilson doesn’t utilize the middle of the often as the average QB and didn’t feature tight ends in Seattle outside of the Jimmy Graham was. Dulcich’s skillset has a ton of overlap with Albert Okwuegbunam too, which raises questions about if he’s little more than the new staff’s “guy.” -Joe Rowles

I expected a more well rounded tight end, but they decided to get Russell Wilson another weapon. His skill set from him is quite similar to Albert O’s which is interesting, but hey, two explosive tight ends is fun too. They did add a blocking tight end via free agency and that skill-set isn’t difficult to find, so we likely will add a better blocker later.

He was ranked as a top two right end by many draftniks so hopefully he lives up to those expectations.

A+ hair game though. -Scotty Payne

I like the hair, and I like the pick. Although I think the Broncos may need other positions more than TE (such as corner and offensive lineman), the value here with one of the better tight ends in the Draft at No. 80 is much greater and allows Paton & Co. to get guys at the other positions without reaching. And that’s good drafting. I’ll even add a + for the hair. -Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann


How would you grade the Greg Dulcich pick?

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